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10 Factors to Help you Decide Where to Live in Doncaster

When you’re looking for a new home as a first-time buyer in Doncaster or a home mover in Doncaster, there is probably a list of things you will consider. This could be personal finances, mortgage arrangements, and the most suitable deal for you. When finding your dream home, you may be finding that perfect location, amenities and looking at what you can get for your money. Below is a list of factors to consider when you start hunting for your new home. 

1. Where to Live, Doncaster City or Rural Location

Your perfect location could be in the city or a more quiet, rural environment. What the location looks like might be a preference, however, it’s important to consider if the location will fit well with your day-to-day life. This could include the commute to work, access to shops or schools.

2. Transport

As mentioned before, your commute to work may be a factor to consider. Looking at transport links such as bus or train and finding the motorway links you may need to use can help in deciding if the location is best suited for you.

3. Schools, Colleges

The quality of the school can be a key factor when deciding where to live. Fortunately, there are some brilliant schools in Doncaster. Many people like to look into the school league tables to decide which school they feel is best for their children to attend. It’s important to look at the catchment areas to see if it’s within the proximity of your new home.

4. Doncaster – Amenities

Everyone’s lifestyle is different, so you need to look at the area your potential new home surrounds to see if it fits within your lifestyle. You will want to look at the places you need and see if they are within a reasonable distance to your home.

This could include shops, supermarkets, and restaurants. Then you may want to look at the things you would like to have, with popular preferences amongst buyers being a gym, open space or local parks. Creating a list of what you need and what you would like could be best when you’re deciding which house fits your day to day life.

5. Family & Friends

This factor can depend on your circumstance and is something you decide to prioritise. This factor may be part of some people’s criteria when thinking of their dream home with situations like family support with the school run and childcare being important. 

6. Value for Money

Value for money could be something to consider when deciding on a property. Looking into what you are getting out of the house, if it is the size of the house or if it has a back garden, in comparison to the price, can allow you to seek the best deal for you. In some instances, compromising on location may be the way to go if you feel it will benefit the amount you are paying on the home.

7. Where to Live – Community

To some, a ‘community feel’ is something they look out for. The ‘wishlist’ you have compiled may fit your interests. Looking out for events such as clubs, book fairs, and markets, etc. can give you an idea of the overall community within the area you are looking at. Therefore, check out what happens within that area or ask an estate agent to find out for you.

8. Doncaster House Prices | Long Term

It’s common that people look at their new home as a long term investment with the expectation that housing prices will rise. Check out the area to see if there are any investment plans such as developments, shops, sports facilities and new road links. Looking into any companies investing in the area could be important to you as this could affect your future house value.

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